from by Griffin & Jaq

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Verse 1
too many actors today, so much garbage i feel like, i might have to eliminate some whenever it feel right, no where to hide and Griff's still tight, could be eighty years old in home, trust me i'l still kill mics, see that banner waving its still Christ, what else am i gonna say wouldn't want it any other way, trippin? im chill aight, you see some types, flip right when the topics brought up, and that be the reason, even though they don't know what be the reason they lost but, still love them and i aim to please, and i never been ashamed of these, and if it wasn't for the kids rebirth, Griff never would have came to be, He changing me, vision would have never came to me, doubt me thats bravery, some switch to the pop scene whatever the cost be, but not me, thats slavery, i aint succumbing to that, imma bef Griff potent as piff, with hits, minus everything wack, the aim is steady, the shot, is headed straight for the props, regardless of wether you ready or not

Hook ( 1x )
i only speak it if i mean it, yeah these are my words, and i promise im winning no matter who strikes first, i'l take the good along with them scars, compile them in a memoir, and at will surely begin war, rhyme styles unlike you've ever seen them, yeah these are my pawns and i keep them all heavily armed, my version of doom, hate the tunes my verses are goons, drop the ink pen, move it and watch the team live thru it

Verse 2
all your fowl ups they overlap, your ignorance it show in all your raps, your beat maker's music is prone to trash, whatever with your combined efforts, them versus my records, its griffbrand, long as im present, you and your vagrant army aint alarming, im from the great tunnel fam, you's a drake cover band, you's a bad copy, a tad sloppy, your Facebook promos and adds got me a little on edge probably, still writing with an eight to nine, frame of mind, kid, with an aim to shine, of course those tuning into radio will never figure me out, they don't even want to take the time, its like, what am i, just another guy, with a beat and another mic, sent to preach Jesus, beastin another nite for peeps needing to see a light, what im gonna write, see thats the whole goal, dismissing me cuz im a christian, now thats a no no, we come in peace, but nothing's sweet, its the Creator we speak of, His Name alone is sufficient to reach ya, power for me is just one of the features

Hook ( 1x )


from MemWarz, released October 20, 2012
All lyrics written by Griff for GriffBrandMusic/ASCAP
All beats by Jaq/Published
Recorded @ Polished Arrow Recordings by Intellect
Mixed and Mastered by D.J. Sean P
Artwork & Layout by Eric Lopez
2012 Definitve Hustle Music/TMG All Rights Reserved
Jaq appears courtesy of Illect Records
Griff appears courtesy of Definitive Hustle Music




all rights reserved


Griffin Ohio

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