Lucy Smiles

from by Griffin & Jaq



Verse 1
excuse me, Lucy, where you going with that remote, bring it back, finish up your juicy, Dad need him some time in fact, im thinking at five a nap might be the, whoa! keep it up off the couch goofy, i got a lot to finish, let papa just write this sentence and i'l let you watch some nick for i put you inside the crib, but if you act up and you misbehave, start throwing legos, its to bed and i know how much you like diego, almost done with a sixteen, bout to end it in CAPS, track sound raw and i cant wait to send it to Jaq, but when duty call its the daddy role then its the raps, such a beauty i gladly pause a verse just to attend to that. im killing words staying true as heck, looking over up at my baby with her toys and she doing fresh, i turn my head not a second she trying to waste, session came to an end with " wait lucy no not the..plate "

Hook ( 1x )
just look at that mess, look at the time, feeling that stress, im just trying to finish this rhyme, weight on my chest, feeling like the ceiling coming down on me, its nothing though soon as little Lucy smiles at me, now every day's a new adventure in my household, diego up on the flat, toys spread on the floor, me stubbing my toe, its all good, papi loves you like you know your pops should

Verse 2
good job mama, high five, but you aint the one thats really in trouble so why cry, after moments im like whatever then, aint like i figured i would never clean up a mess again, back to the drawing board, track is a bar or more away from reaching the finish, thats what i started for see, papi got to commit, papi got him a kid, papi challenge from yesterday is his challenge again, but papi love it when a challenge presents, and i lover her so half the time i aint even challenged a bit, where was i at again, thoughts travel too fast, this droid annoys me, forever to open two apps, just as the music starts, Lucy sharts, and i know it aint a fart, im a pro at telling the two apart, had to laugh for a minute, but funny as it seemed, the joke was on me, it leaked thru her huggies and her jeans

Hook ( 1x )

Verse 3
back from the bathtub, gave Lucy a fast scrub, set the h.e. washer to clean the crap up, time's against me like its trying to offend me, Lucy his partner in crime, she the mind of the mutiny, all she need is to shoot a smile to me, aint nothing like it, specially when it comes from your child truly, im pressed for time, after this joint which beat is next in line, and its got to be def-defyin, Lucy in one hand, beat in the other, getting hungry as heck now whats keeping your mother, f it i'l finish once iv eaten my supper, publish the ruckus like its for the fans justice, got future and fam in mind, so aint venting mine with rented time, i own that, Lucy is next to shine, forget the later thing, im too tired i'l just create a dream, sweet lottery of monotony


from MemWarz, released October 20, 2012
All lyrics written by Griff for GriffBrandMusic/ASCAP
All beats by Jaq/Published
Recorded @ Polished Arrow Recordings by Intellect
Mixed and Mastered by D.J. Sean P
Artwork & Layout by Eric Lopez
2012 Definitve Hustle Music/TMG All Rights Reserved
Jaq appears courtesy of Illect Records
Griff appears courtesy of Definitive Hustle Music




all rights reserved


Griffin Ohio

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