Lift Off ( Feat. D​.​J. Sean P )

from by Griffin & Jaq

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Verse 1
call it official with stripes, the atom bomb's activated, lift off is tonite, griff & jaw had to make it this raw for the type, acclimated to the rash raps created this raw for the mic, but now there's certain herbs copying right?, i mean these certain nerds, sloppy and just cant cat copy it right, im hearing everything you pop and its like, its coo, still crushing everything you drop in this life remember dude, don't even think because you singing the blues, you throwing me curves, i aint as sympathetic as you, ( yeah, peace to all those who support, to those who don't ) your plans are all a miss, wonder why you so standoffish, i aint the type of opponent you wanna stand off with, im passed novice, i will not lose, been through many lyrical world wars and still got troops, built to last through whatever type of event, nobody presents a threat, " No one, wait man, that was a pretty bold statement " you bet your bottom dollar bold say it, the beat is fresh than imma oj it

Hook ( 1x )
we got them lyrics for your mind, body and soul, and beats to keep the heads nodding yeah the fans know, just ask around, the last party was a blast though, griff & jaq equal mad bodies on the dance floor, we speak the truth, either love us or you don't got to, just get familiar before its something you knock, word, you know us than you know it just don't stop, it aint the truth, than it just don't rock

Verse 2
can someone tell me where the standard has gone, at some point do any of us have to answer to God?, most people who hear us trying to come home, but when they come around the lifestyles we living got them scratching their domes, we supposed to be a light, our focus to be alike, to the Jesus of the good book most of which seem to spite, but following suit is popular now, they speculating the Gospel with binoculars,wow, it has actually reached a point where the sifting has started, what got the seal of approval and which crowd has the gift departed, i mean i know i started for something more than a mic check i strayed Jaq, now im trying to find my way back, and if it mean my playback, reaching a negative, hey thats nothing to me, cuz that one sheep's something to see, enough to reach a world, we wanna free the people got to quit trying to live free of morals

Hook (1x )

Verse 3
and im just getting warmed up, you judging it and simultaneously its filling up your cup, brim to the chin its spillage no front, you kill it, i build it first for the children who suffer, then the grown ups, i redirecting my drive to get live, reperfectin the art of testin the mic whenever its time, aint quitting cuz im compelled to climb, son even in my darkest hours im compelled to shine, the Spirit's why i exist, Christ delivered me so, in essence you can say its Him who has delivered my flow, many like to think the kid is probably someone they know, heard a couple things and all of a sudden, they got me pegged y'all are bugging, i still got sofrito and ay dios mio, still be the illest out, and ready to kill doubt at any cost, don't get it criss crossed, twisted or bent till its lost when Griff is on the track its time for lift off

Hook (1x )


from MemWarz, released October 20, 2012
All lyrics written by Griff for GriffBrandMusic/ASCAP
All beats by Jaq/Published
Recorded @ Polished Arrow Recordings by Intellect
Mixed and Mastered by D.J. Sean P
Artwork & Layout by Eric Lopez
2012 Definitve Hustle Music/TMG All Rights Reserved
Jaq appears courtesy of Illect Records
Griff appears courtesy of Definitive Hustle Music




all rights reserved


Griffin Ohio

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