from by Griffin & Jaq

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Verse 1
wait i forgot my lyrics, that aint hot, look at how many stopped to listen, what a crock, how could i stumble off and miss it, what a marksman this target isn't too hard to hit, now im on to spittoon, something totally off, comic con nerdy backpackers, holler that rapper is totally raw, autograph my holographic life-size william shatner star trek pic, totally bruh, the way its goin down, all the props given in shock, people in flocks crowding around, trying to kop, u think i meant to rhyme off the top, like some kind of alien science was dropped, wait what if they figure out that all of it was just coincidence, hopefully no one noticed the glitches up in the sentences, i ant in no position to ruin my reputation, just got to pick up the pieces and pray to the Lord i make it, cuz trust i thought i blew it the moment i started mumbling "fubbily, shubbily, wubbily" thought i was in trouble, before i picked up the mic i was fine, how do i forget them, oh shoot i think i remember my lines now

Hook ( 1x )
everything is fresh in the booth, on the stage its the moment of truth, how you reacting when your train of thought, turns rapidly to a brain fart, don't know the end, cant figure out where to start, pressure builds to the measure it kills the will, how will you do when the lyrics elude you, who you gonna turn to when it come to a, wait, oh shoot i jus- just- fu -fu- forgot what i was trying to say

Verse 2
yeah now this a spot that iv been in, a brief moment when the plot thickens, i feel it when the base line kicking, im no stranger to improvisation on stages as soon as slot begin, been winging it since mouf was spitting out of his notepad, e was still rocking a tote bag, and malaki was malak, every session was "flush fresh", the mic was still burning when dust blessed, sergical had procedures i never seen in my life, every show the kid was wild with the mic, this situation is something that been thru with the martyr group, everyday now im wishing that we would have been a smarter crew, what if we never treated it like it was just a hobby, practiced a little so our performance wasn't as sloppy, i probably wouldn't be standing here with everybody staring, cuz something i did to make lack of preparation apparent, apparently i aint learned my lesson, cuz here i am with a mic, deer in a headlight type expression and still guessing

Hook ( 1x )


from MemWarz, released October 20, 2012
All lyrics written by Griff for GriffBrandMusic/ASCAP
All beats by Jaq/Published
Recorded @ Polished Arrow Recordings by Intellect
Mixed and Mastered by D.J. Sean P
Artwork & Layout by Eric Lopez
2012 Definitve Hustle Music/TMG All Rights Reserved
Jaq appears courtesy of Illect Records
Griff appears courtesy of Definitive Hustle Music




all rights reserved


Griffin Ohio

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