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by Griffin & Jaq

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Overthrow 03:09
Verse 1 beat is sick bro, brief, simple, matter of fact, this one's perfect for the intro, open up the Memwarz read a script for, hold up wait, first let me see how long the list go, break the tools down to groups, fast division, should be a crew song how did i pass for this one, been waiting too long why should i ask permission and if i made it, why the heck the Griffin aint paid it, im rocking flows like modern clothes, pockets swole, with a fresh lit optimo, crowd control, microphones, hip hop's the role, this skinny jeans with a dream thing its got to go. Hook ( 1x ) check, checka one, checka checka two, checka checka checka three, checka checka four, its EDM we coming back for more, children out the door, target competition overthrow, take it by the throat Verse 2 brutal truths for your fruity loops, hula hoops for you fruity groups, y'all sweeter than booby juice, y'all truly do perplex me, see your people are gassed up thinking you an emcee, quit cheating them beats, it gives me the creeps, you aint a boss guy, your small time, like the respect you get in the streets, and when i say streets i mean cyphers, that word of mouth, spreading like a germ throughout the cities and niteclubs, oh you viral on the net, whatever, so you got you a couple homes with money, i still buss better, you card carrying wack indies speeding into a 360 D.O.A. crash ending. Hook ( 1x ) Verse 3 im sure some cats be like, "Griff think he clever in his own mind", you dang right i think im clever in my own mind, got you on any given level, got my own rhyme, plus the griffbrand only support its own line, money in house, is money that never gets out, less its to clothe or put some food in my kid's mouths, get to a show, spread the truth, dip out, bless individuals trying to see what the Griff's bout, you a bugged out, chunker with his gut out, nine in the a.m. already want his lunch now, sittin on the couch with his tongue out, yelling down the stairs, mama asking what he want now Hook ( 2x )
Verse 1 call it official with stripes, the atom bomb's activated, lift off is tonite, griff & jaw had to make it this raw for the type, acclimated to the rash raps created this raw for the mic, but now there's certain herbs copying right?, i mean these certain nerds, sloppy and just cant cat copy it right, im hearing everything you pop and its like, its coo, still crushing everything you drop in this life remember dude, don't even think because you singing the blues, you throwing me curves, i aint as sympathetic as you, ( yeah, peace to all those who support, to those who don't ) your plans are all a miss, wonder why you so standoffish, i aint the type of opponent you wanna stand off with, im passed novice, i will not lose, been through many lyrical world wars and still got troops, built to last through whatever type of event, nobody presents a threat, " No one, wait man, that was a pretty bold statement " you bet your bottom dollar bold say it, the beat is fresh than imma oj it Hook ( 1x ) we got them lyrics for your mind, body and soul, and beats to keep the heads nodding yeah the fans know, just ask around, the last party was a blast though, griff & jaq equal mad bodies on the dance floor, we speak the truth, either love us or you don't got to, just get familiar before its something you knock, word, you know us than you know it just don't stop, it aint the truth, than it just don't rock Verse 2 can someone tell me where the standard has gone, at some point do any of us have to answer to God?, most people who hear us trying to come home, but when they come around the lifestyles we living got them scratching their domes, we supposed to be a light, our focus to be alike, to the Jesus of the good book most of which seem to spite, but following suit is popular now, they speculating the Gospel with binoculars,wow, it has actually reached a point where the sifting has started, what got the seal of approval and which crowd has the gift departed, i mean i know i started for something more than a mic check i strayed Jaq, now im trying to find my way back, and if it mean my playback, reaching a negative, hey thats nothing to me, cuz that one sheep's something to see, enough to reach a world, we wanna free the people got to quit trying to live free of morals Hook (1x ) Verse 3 and im just getting warmed up, you judging it and simultaneously its filling up your cup, brim to the chin its spillage no front, you kill it, i build it first for the children who suffer, then the grown ups, i redirecting my drive to get live, reperfectin the art of testin the mic whenever its time, aint quitting cuz im compelled to climb, son even in my darkest hours im compelled to shine, the Spirit's why i exist, Christ delivered me so, in essence you can say its Him who has delivered my flow, many like to think the kid is probably someone they know, heard a couple things and all of a sudden, they got me pegged y'all are bugging, i still got sofrito and ay dios mio, still be the illest out, and ready to kill doubt at any cost, don't get it criss crossed, twisted or bent till its lost when Griff is on the track its time for lift off Hook (1x )
Brainfart 02:35
Verse 1 wait i forgot my lyrics, that aint hot, look at how many stopped to listen, what a crock, how could i stumble off and miss it, what a marksman this target isn't too hard to hit, now im on to spittoon, something totally off, comic con nerdy backpackers, holler that rapper is totally raw, autograph my holographic life-size william shatner star trek pic, totally bruh, the way its goin down, all the props given in shock, people in flocks crowding around, trying to kop, u think i meant to rhyme off the top, like some kind of alien science was dropped, wait what if they figure out that all of it was just coincidence, hopefully no one noticed the glitches up in the sentences, i ant in no position to ruin my reputation, just got to pick up the pieces and pray to the Lord i make it, cuz trust i thought i blew it the moment i started mumbling "fubbily, shubbily, wubbily" thought i was in trouble, before i picked up the mic i was fine, how do i forget them, oh shoot i think i remember my lines now Hook ( 1x ) everything is fresh in the booth, on the stage its the moment of truth, how you reacting when your train of thought, turns rapidly to a brain fart, don't know the end, cant figure out where to start, pressure builds to the measure it kills the will, how will you do when the lyrics elude you, who you gonna turn to when it come to a, wait, oh shoot i jus- just- fu -fu- forgot what i was trying to say Verse 2 yeah now this a spot that iv been in, a brief moment when the plot thickens, i feel it when the base line kicking, im no stranger to improvisation on stages as soon as slot begin, been winging it since mouf was spitting out of his notepad, e was still rocking a tote bag, and malaki was malak, every session was "flush fresh", the mic was still burning when dust blessed, sergical had procedures i never seen in my life, every show the kid was wild with the mic, this situation is something that been thru with the martyr group, everyday now im wishing that we would have been a smarter crew, what if we never treated it like it was just a hobby, practiced a little so our performance wasn't as sloppy, i probably wouldn't be standing here with everybody staring, cuz something i did to make lack of preparation apparent, apparently i aint learned my lesson, cuz here i am with a mic, deer in a headlight type expression and still guessing Hook ( 1x )
Lucy Smiles (free) 03:44
Verse 1 excuse me, Lucy, where you going with that remote, bring it back, finish up your juicy, Dad need him some time in fact, im thinking at five a nap might be the, whoa! keep it up off the couch goofy, i got a lot to finish, let papa just write this sentence and i'l let you watch some nick for i put you inside the crib, but if you act up and you misbehave, start throwing legos, its to bed and i know how much you like diego, almost done with a sixteen, bout to end it in CAPS, track sound raw and i cant wait to send it to Jaq, but when duty call its the daddy role then its the raps, such a beauty i gladly pause a verse just to attend to that. im killing words staying true as heck, looking over up at my baby with her toys and she doing fresh, i turn my head not a second she trying to waste, session came to an end with " wait lucy no not the..plate " Hook ( 1x ) just look at that mess, look at the time, feeling that stress, im just trying to finish this rhyme, weight on my chest, feeling like the ceiling coming down on me, its nothing though soon as little Lucy smiles at me, now every day's a new adventure in my household, diego up on the flat, toys spread on the floor, me stubbing my toe, its all good, papi loves you like you know your pops should Verse 2 good job mama, high five, but you aint the one thats really in trouble so why cry, after moments im like whatever then, aint like i figured i would never clean up a mess again, back to the drawing board, track is a bar or more away from reaching the finish, thats what i started for see, papi got to commit, papi got him a kid, papi challenge from yesterday is his challenge again, but papi love it when a challenge presents, and i lover her so half the time i aint even challenged a bit, where was i at again, thoughts travel too fast, this droid annoys me, forever to open two apps, just as the music starts, Lucy sharts, and i know it aint a fart, im a pro at telling the two apart, had to laugh for a minute, but funny as it seemed, the joke was on me, it leaked thru her huggies and her jeans Hook ( 1x ) Verse 3 back from the bathtub, gave Lucy a fast scrub, set the h.e. washer to clean the crap up, time's against me like its trying to offend me, Lucy his partner in crime, she the mind of the mutiny, all she need is to shoot a smile to me, aint nothing like it, specially when it comes from your child truly, im pressed for time, after this joint which beat is next in line, and its got to be def-defyin, Lucy in one hand, beat in the other, getting hungry as heck now whats keeping your mother, f it i'l finish once iv eaten my supper, publish the ruckus like its for the fans justice, got future and fam in mind, so aint venting mine with rented time, i own that, Lucy is next to shine, forget the later thing, im too tired i'l just create a dream, sweet lottery of monotony
MemWarz 02:43
Verse 1 too many actors today, so much garbage i feel like, i might have to eliminate some whenever it feel right, no where to hide and Griff's still tight, could be eighty years old in home, trust me i'l still kill mics, see that banner waving its still Christ, what else am i gonna say wouldn't want it any other way, trippin? im chill aight, you see some types, flip right when the topics brought up, and that be the reason, even though they don't know what be the reason they lost but, still love them and i aim to please, and i never been ashamed of these, and if it wasn't for the kids rebirth, Griff never would have came to be, He changing me, vision would have never came to me, doubt me thats bravery, some switch to the pop scene whatever the cost be, but not me, thats slavery, i aint succumbing to that, imma bef Griff potent as piff, with hits, minus everything wack, the aim is steady, the shot, is headed straight for the props, regardless of wether you ready or not Hook ( 1x ) i only speak it if i mean it, yeah these are my words, and i promise im winning no matter who strikes first, i'l take the good along with them scars, compile them in a memoir, and at will surely begin war, rhyme styles unlike you've ever seen them, yeah these are my pawns and i keep them all heavily armed, my version of doom, hate the tunes my verses are goons, drop the ink pen, move it and watch the team live thru it Verse 2 all your fowl ups they overlap, your ignorance it show in all your raps, your beat maker's music is prone to trash, whatever with your combined efforts, them versus my records, its griffbrand, long as im present, you and your vagrant army aint alarming, im from the great tunnel fam, you's a drake cover band, you's a bad copy, a tad sloppy, your Facebook promos and adds got me a little on edge probably, still writing with an eight to nine, frame of mind, kid, with an aim to shine, of course those tuning into radio will never figure me out, they don't even want to take the time, its like, what am i, just another guy, with a beat and another mic, sent to preach Jesus, beastin another nite for peeps needing to see a light, what im gonna write, see thats the whole goal, dismissing me cuz im a christian, now thats a no no, we come in peace, but nothing's sweet, its the Creator we speak of, His Name alone is sufficient to reach ya, power for me is just one of the features Hook ( 1x )


This joint is the return of that raw Griff Lyrism! In this EP, Griff lays some of the most massive bars ever over German producer, Jaq's raw Hip-Hop production. "MemWarz" is something to bless the Griff fans and keep the Brand moving. This is for Hardcore Hip-Hop heads both believer and non-believer.


released October 20, 2012

All lyrics written by Griff for GriffBrandMusic/ASCAP
All beats by Jaq/Published
Recorded @ Polished Arrow Recordings by Intellect
Mixed and Mastered by D.J. Sean P
Artwork & Layout by Eric Lopez
2012 Definitve Hustle Music/TMG All Rights Reserved
Jaq appears courtesy of Illect Records
Griff appears courtesy of Definitive Hustle Music



all rights reserved



Griffin Ohio

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